New Iron Juice: Pre-Chelated!

Hello Algae-philes,

This is to let you know that we have improved our iron juice so that it is no longer necessary to brew green tea to make Spirulina medium — just add a dropper-full for every 5 liters and you’re fine!

What is so special about iron, and why did we have to brew green tea before?

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Algae need iron to live, but if you just put iron in the water (usually in the form of a soluble iron-containing compound), it will react with hydroxide ions in the water (which are especially abundant in the basic Spirulina medium) and form iron hydroxide, which is not soluble in water and falls from solution, leaving no iron available for algae growth. To prevent this, we must chelate the iron, which means capturing it inside a molecular cage, such as the tannins of green tea.

In the new iron juice, the iron is pre-chelated, so the step of brewing green tea (which goes bad in a few days) is eliminated, making algae farming that much simpler…

We are working on *many* more ways of improving the kits, it’s fun!

The AlgaeLab crew

P.S. If you want the “classic” iron juice, let us know and we’ll whip some up for you!

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