Spirulina Recipes: My Favorite Spirulina Smoothie Recipes!

Hello fellow algae-fanciers,

I am often asked, “How do you like to eat Spirulina? Do you have any recipes to share?” We are working on an AlgaeLab Spirulina recipe book, but here is a quick guide to how I do it myself:

The quick answer is, I mix Spirulina (both the live stuff I grow and the commercial powder stuff when I don’t have the live) into everything I can! The more algae I eat, the better I feel — calmer, more focused, stronger, and with much more stamina. Exercise is a lot more fun, and I get a lot more done without feeling stressed!

The easiest way to do it is in smoothies. I make four general kinds of smoothies — sweet & fruity, savory veggie, sweet veggie, and coconut creamy. The first three all include Spirulina. The live, fresh stuff has almost no taste, so it’s easy to combine with anything.

I tend to use whole fruit over juice because it’s healthier and cheaper…

Sweet & Fruity:

Small handful of dates and/or 1 or 2 bananas.
Handful of walnuts or almonds
Chunk of ginger 3/4″ on a side
1/4 lemon
Heaping tablespoon of Spirulina, preferably live & fresh!
Big handful fresh spinach greens
2 cups frozen mixed berries
Optional: Teaspoon cacao nibs, tablespoon of coconut oil or butter, unrefined, 1/4 cup pomegranate juice.

Put the Spirulina, dates, ginger, and lemon in first so they’ll blend better. Top off with water and blend till smooth. This is what I drink every morning and it really gets me going… The lemon & ginger are essential — combine them with any fruit (or carrots) & they taste great! Their intense taste also covers any flavor from store-bought Spirulina powder.

Savory veggie smoothies are similar to gazpacho, using raw tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers (sweet & spicy), onions, garlic, olives, zucchini, greens, lemon, and sea salt plus Spirulina (& water) to make an intensely refreshing and cleansing drink, especially good on a hot day!

Sweet veggie smoothies are based on sweet-ish veggies like raw peas, carrots, raw zucchini, raw or cooked squash or potatoes, almonds, and almond milk. This type of smoothie is warming and nourishing.

When I’m on a roll I can live almost exclusively on these types of smoothies, they give me great energy and vibrant health.

I can write up more detailed recipes if I get enough requests!

This page also has some useful tips & recipes…enjoy!

From deep in the green,


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