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Algae International: Iranian Spirulina Farmers!

Hello fellow algae-nauts!

Here at AlgaeLab we have helped algae farmers around the world, but this farm is special because of its location, Iran. Alireza and his friends have had great luck growing Spirulina for food in his rooftop greenhouse, using two raceway ponds lined with plastic.


They have been harvesting enough to provide fresh Spirulina to Alireza’s friends and family.


It’s great to have colleagues around the world. We’d like to think we’re doing our little part to promote peace between the people of our two countries.

From the heart of the chloroplast,
Dr. Baum

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See Dr. Baum Speak at the National Algae Association workshop!

Dr. Baum will be giving a presentation at the National Algae Association “Technologies and Networking Workshop” entitled “Spearheading the DIY Algae Revolution”, on February 28th, in Richmond, CA… come and say hi if you can!

For more information about the workshop, click here, and here.

Hope to see you there,
Dr. Baum

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February Inventory Clearance SALE!

We are developing improved versions of all of our products and will be announcing them soon! Since we can’t yet show them to you, we thought we’d share a picture of lovely Spirulina food concocted by our friends here at the Lab…

In the mean time, we’d like to offer the AlgaeLab community a lovely sale this month…look around our store, there’s a lot of savings to be had!

In green glory,
Dr. Baum

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