Greener Days Ahead: AlgaeLab’s New Optimized Nutrient Solutions!


For the last six years, we have been looking at how tweaks to our nutrient mixes can improve the growth, health, and stability of our Spirulina cultures. Now we are finally releasing optimized products which will allow you to go well beyond our original kits and nutrient mixes.

Our first new optimized product is the Optimized Metal Solution, which now provides an optimized set of essential trace metals – no longer just iron. We have also improved the delivery system (the “chelator”) of these metals, to optimize it to the high-pH environment in the Spirulina culture.

The results can be dramatic: a 50% growth boost in cultures receiving a full dose of direct sun. In cultures whose growth is limited by light, we see improvements in ultimate density and culture stability.

One bottle is enough for 500 liters of culture, and is on sale for just $14.95, so pick one up and give it a try!

Dr. Baum

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