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May 31st Workshop with AlgaeLab Founder Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum!

Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum, AlgaeLab instructor

We are excited to present a new workshop opportunity – spend an afternoon with NASA algae scientist and AlgaeLab founder Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum learning the essentials of algae farming, followed by a live demonstration of all the steps necessary to grow, harvest, and maintain your own Spirulina culture!

The workshop will start with an overview of algae farming technique, and all of the considerations that go into algae farming – including growing, harvesting, and processing – as well as common solutions. The goal is to provide a solid foundation for further exploration of algae farming. This will be followed by a detailed discussion of the particulars of Spirulina cultivation.

There will be plenty of time for Dr. Baum to answer all your algae questions, so bring them!

All participants will receive: one copy of Dr. Baum’s book, Grow Your Own Spirulina Superfood, copies of all the instructional slides, and a one liter bottle of live spirulina culture to start your own tank or pond.
Sign up now, space is limited!

Course Fees:

$339 for workshop plus Full Spirulina Home-Grow Kit, including 1 liter of live culture, heater, air pump, air diffuser, air tubing, thermometer, two tubs of starter and one tub of make-up nutrient powder mix, iron solution, special pH strips, harvesting tube, harvesting cloth, clips, plug timer, and measuring spoons. This is a $50 savings from the online kit price. This is enough gear to be able to harvest from a 10-gallon tank every other day for approximately one year. Buy by clicking here.

$119 for workshop plus one copy of Dr. Baum’s book, “Grow Your Own Spirulina Superfood”, copies of all the instructional slides, and a one liter bottle of live spirulina culture (value $70+) to start your own tank or pond… Buy by clicking here.

May 31st, 1-5pm
Workshop location:

Ace Monster Toys
6050 Lowell Street
Oakland, CA

If the above payment links don’t work for you, either send payment via PayPal (go to, click “send money”, and enter as the recipient), or mail a check to:
772 Santa Maria Road
El Sobrante, CA 94803

Write us at with any questions.

See you there!
– Dr. Baum

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Inexpensive 800x Microscope for iPhone Users!


Here at AlgaeLab we are always keeping an eye out for inexpensive high-magnification microscopes to help you check your cultures. If you have an iPhone, this is your best bet yet: the MicrobeScope.

An 800x inverted scope for $135? We’ll be getting one of these for sure…

In greenest glory,
Dr. Baum

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