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Announcing “Instant 10” Starter Mix!

More great news for your Spirulina cultures:

No more waiting for your culture to rise to the safe(er) pH of 10!

We have listened to your feedback and re-formulated our Starter Mix for both faster growth and resistance to contamination. Our “classic” mix took 4-6 weeks to rise to a pH of 10; by reaching this higher pH immediately, this new mix excludes possible invasive organisms from the beginning.

But there’s more: this new Starter Mix also contains nutrients beyond those in the “classic” mix, which have been shown in our labs to increase growth significantly.

Give it a try, we are certain you’ll enjoy the advantages of our new mix!

Going green,
Dr. Baum

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New Optimized Post-Harvest Mix!

Great news for all Spirulina growers!

We have been growing Spirulina here for seven years now, and have tried many ways of improving the growth and harvest processes. This new Post-Harvest Mix (formerly known as “Make-Up” mix) represents our latest boost to the DIY Spirulina field.

This new mix has two key advantages over the “Classic” Mix:

  1. An improved nutrient profile.
    We have been measuring the nutrient levels in our tanks before and after many, many re-grows, and this mix re-balances your tank far better than our original mix. This means faster re-grows, and a better nutrient balance, leading to a healthier, longer-lived culture and less time and money spent on replacing the medium.

  2. Less Clumping
    As we well know, and many of you have pointed out, the previous mix tended to solidify over time, making it difficult to measure out at harvest time. The new formulation is much easier to handle and measure, while still being food-grade.

Give it a try, we are certain you’ll enjoy the advantages of our new mix!

Keeping it green,
Dr. Baum

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