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Grow your own Spirulina superfood algae at home! We sell books, supplies, and live algae culture, and answer your burning algae questions, to help you get on your way. See our ever-growing FAQ for answers to common questions.

NEWS: Our book, Grow Your Own Spirulina Superfood: A Simple How-To Guide, is now available for only $14.95! Everything you need to know to get started growing Spirulina. Written by our founder, NASA algae scientist Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum! Physical copies are available here, and an e-book version is available here!

Why are we so obsessed with algae here at AlgaeLab? Because algae are amazing, and everyone should know about what they can do! They enable a new kind of agriculture that can be done almost anywhere and is incredibly productive, even in small spaces. They can be grown using minimal resources, and flourish as they clean up waste water and combustion exhaust. They can produce a vast array of products, and their economic potential exceeds that of all of agriculture existing today. In the last several years, dozens of new algae companies have plunged billions of dollars into research and development – so jump on in, the water’s green!

We are algae experts here at Algae Lab, so if you want us to develop a product we don’t have, or need expert consulting, please let us know (we are friendly scientists):


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