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Bringing the Algae Revolution Since 2008.

Grow your own Spirulina superfood algae at home! We sell books, supplies, and live algae culture, and answer your burning algae questions, to help you get on your way. See our ever-growing FAQ for answers to common questions.

NEWS: Our book, Grow Your Own Spirulina Superfood: A Simple How-To Guide, is now available for only $14.95! Everything you need to know to get started growing Spirulina. Written by our founder, NASA algae scientist Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum! Physical copies are available here, and an e-book version is available here!

Why are we so obsessed with algae here at AlgaeLab? Because algae are amazing, and everyone should know about what they can do! They enable a new kind of agriculture that can be done almost anywhere and is incredibly productive, even in small spaces. They can be grown using minimal resources, and flourish as they clean up waste water and combustion exhaust. They can produce a vast array of products, and their economic potential exceeds that of all of agriculture existing today. In the last several years, dozens of new algae companies have plunged billions of dollars into research and development – so jump on in, the water’s green!

We are algae experts here at Algae Lab, so if you want us to develop a product we don’t have, or need expert consulting, please let us know (we are friendly scientists):


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Welcome to GreenSpring Farms

Here is a little video introducing GreenSpring Farms, my new fresh Spirulina farm.

Have a look, then use this coupon code: Aaron10 to get 10% off your first order.

Spreading the green goodness, Dr. Baum

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What Dr. Baum has been up to: GreenSpring Farms!

Hello fellow algae-nauts,

Many of you have noticed that I have been quiet for quite a while now…the reason is that I have been working overtime on a closely related project that can now be announced:

You probably know that I’ve been developing my algae chops for 12 years now, and for the last several years, building out an acres-sized farm to bring fresh Spirulina to you all. All this work has paid off, the dream is finally a reality, and we’re up and running at Greenspring Farms.
This is it, we are launching, check us out at!

I couldn’t be more excited.

In case you don’t know, Spirulina is a remarkable superfood, with twice the protein of meat, and more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory compounds than practically any food.
Up to now, though, it was only available commercially as a funky-tasting powder.

Now, we are offering fresh Spirulina, a total game changer: smooth and creamy, with a mild taste that blends easily with any food – smoothies, anyone?

I’d love to share it with you! If you’re in the Bay Area, hit me back and I’ll give you a sample.

We offer fresh and frozen products.

Also check out our farm, and our story.

We’re also on Facebook
and Instagram.

Peace, love, and health,
Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum

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Not selling nutrient mixes for now…

Hello fellow algae enthusiasts,

I am hard at work on a new algae project that will be announced soon!

This work is keeping me from the time-consuming work of making nutrient mixes. No worries, though, as my book has complete instructions for making our tried-and-true classic mixes, so you will still be able to grow, harvest, and maintain your cultures.

With big green love,
Dr. Baum

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AlgaeLab is Going On Vacation Through 2/23…

Hello green growers,

We will miss you…
While we will be answering emails, we won’t be shipping orders for a few weeks, until 2/23. You can still place orders, but they won’t ship until then.

All our verdant best,
The AlgaeLab Team

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No longer selling kits

Hello fellow algae-philes,

We no longer sell kits, but you will find everything you need to grow, harvest, and maintain your Spirulina in our store.

In fact, if you buy one of each item in the store, you’ll have the equivalent of one of our kits, with the few remaining things you’ll need — tank, heater, air pump, and bubbler — available at your local aquarium store…

Good growing!
Dr. Baum

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We Are Back!

Hello Algaephiles,

Place your orders! Today we are shipping all orders which were placed during our hiatus.

From the heart of the heart of the chloroplast,
Dr. Baum

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Kits Back in Stock!


Greetings good algae folk,

Kits are back! Ya’ll have been asking about these, so have at ’em!

In addition to the modern kits, we have a couple older “Just The Essentials” kits using the “classic” starter and make-up mix and the original harvest system for just $80.

Note that there are extra shipping charges outside the U.S. for the kit as well as the culture.

Dr. Baum

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Wintertime Culture Care – Beating the Cold and Dark

Hello fellow algae-nauts!

Some folks have had winter-related concerns about their cultures:

1. The bottle will freeze on its way!
This is a legitimate concern. We have tried putting “hot hands” packs and insulating our cultures, but 24 hours in our freezer still partially froze the culture. (Surprisingly, most of the Spirulina survived this, though complete freezing would kill them.) One customer has had a bottle freeze on his doorstep. Please think about this before you order…either make sure that the culture will arrive to a place well above freezing, or wait until temperature are higher…

2. My algae isn’t growing well!
If your culture drops below about 50F at night regularly, it won’t grow well. This is especially likely to happen when culture volume is low, e.g. when you are starting out. The best remedy for this is to put a second heater (generally it can be smaller than the main heater, say 50W), set it to 60F or so, and leave it plugged in – i.e. not into the timer. You should see a significant improvement in growth. If light levels are low, you may improve the growth by adding a white light (see the FAQ for a discussion of wavelengths, but almost any bright white light will help), plugged into the same timer as the high-temperature main heater, so it turns off at night. Spirulina require a day-night cycle to grow well; a cycle of 16 hours of day, followed by 8 of night, is fine.

Good growing, and keep your questions coming…

From the heart of the chloroplast,
Dr. Baum

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AlgaeLab on Vacation This Week!

Hello fellow algae fans,

Just a quick note to let you know that we will not be shipping bottles or responding to email this week (8/29-9/6). All other products will be shipped automatically, so feel free to order those.

Have a lovely labor day week!

All the best,
Dr. Baum

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