AlgaeLab Live Spirulina with NO FAIL Guarantee & Free U.S. Shipping!

AlgaeLab Live Spirulina with NO FAIL Guarantee & Free U.S. Shipping!

Start your cultures right with AlgaeLab Live Spirulina, with our NO FAIL Guarantee! Price includes shipping.



You save $30.00 (30%)!

Price includes shipping!

Almost 1 liter of Spirulina (Arthrospira Platensis) fresh from our growth tanks! (It’s not quite a liter as we need to leave some headspace for the algae to breathe during shipment.) Grown in sealed photobioreactors using sterile air, microscopically checked to be clear of contamination before shipping…don’t accept possibly-contaminated cultures from elsewhere, this is the good stuff! This is the strain proven to grow well on our nutrient mixes.

Unless you already have experience with growing Spirulina we strongly recommend you get the bottle and book combination for only $10 more! You cannot drink Spirulina culture directly, due to its high alkalinity; the Spirulina must be filtered from the water with a harvest cloth before it can be consumed.

Every bottle of Spirulina we sell comes with AlgaeLab’s “No Fail” Guarantee: if your Spirulina fail to grow for any reason in the first 45 days, we will send you a new bottle for only $20 (to cover shipping and handling).

International express shipping fees:

  • Canada/Mexico: $40
  • EU, Central America: $60
  • Elsewhere: $80

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