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Grow your own Spirulina superfood algae at home! We sell books, kits, and live algae culture, and teach in-person and online workshops, to help you get on your way. See our ever-growing FAQ for answers to common questions.

NEWS: Our book, Grow Your Own Spirulina Superfood: A Simple How-To Guide, is now available for only $14.95! Everything you need to know to get started growing Spirulina. Written by our founder, NASA algae scientist Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum! Physical copies are available here, and an e-book version is available here!

Why are we so obsessed with algae here at AlgaeLab? Because algae are amazing, and everyone should know about what they can do! They enable a new kind of agriculture that can be done almost anywhere and is incredibly productive, even in small spaces. They can be grown using minimal resources, and flourish as they clean up waste water and combustion exhaust. They can produce a vast array of products, and their economic potential exceeds that of all of agriculture existing today. In the last several years, dozens of new algae companies have plunged billions of dollars into research and development – so jump on in, the water’s green!

We are algae experts here at Algae Lab, so if you want us to develop a product we don’t have, or need expert consulting, please let us know (we are friendly scientists):


AlgaeLab on Vacation This Week!

Hello fellow algae fans,

Just a quick note to let you know that we will not be shipping bottles or responding to email this week (8/29-9/6). All other products will be shipped automatically, so feel free to order those.

Have a lovely labor day week!

All the best,
Dr. Baum

Instant 10 Starter Mix: 75% More, Same Price!

Our Instant 10 Starter Mix will get your Spirulina culture immediate to a safe pH of 10, and now it will do so at a new, lower price! Only $15 for 70 liters (18 gallons) worth of medium (don’t forget to add Optimized Metals Solution!) You’ll find it comes in improved packaging as well…

In Blue-Green Glory,
Dr. Baum

Instant 10 Starter Mix Available!


Have an extra assurance of the safety of your culture: ensure that its pH is above the safe pH of 10 – a level that strongly excludes other types of (possibly harmful) algae.  AlgaeLab’s “Instant 10” starter powder is the only Spirulina nutrient mix that goes to a safe pH immediately.  Other mixes take 4 weeks or more, leaving your culture vulnerable…  AlgaeLab’s exclusive Instant 10 Starter Mix is further optimized with additional nutrients based on our years of testing and experience.

Keep your cultures safe with AlgaeLab!

AlgaeLab Harvest System Now Available!


Our new harvest system, which greatly simplifies harvesting and draining your Spirulina, is now available for $19, come and get it!


Big green love,

Dr. Baum

Complete New Kits With Harvest System On Sale $199!


Demand for the new kits has been strong to the point that we are sold out of the “Just the Essentials” kits…as we re-stock we are offering the lowest price ever on our Complete kits! Get all our new optimized nutrient mixes plus harvest system plus everything else you need to grow and harvest your own Spirulina superfood…

Dr. Baum

New Harvest System: Simple, Quick and Easy Fresh Spirulina!

In response to your requests, we have created a simple, easy harvest system and it is now available!


No more bucket wrangling or siphoning: the new system uses your existing air pump and allows the filtered culture water to fall right back into the tank, greatly simplifying the process.


We have thoroughly de-bugged the system and its use, and include detailed, well illustrated instructions in the AlgaeLab tradition.


Now available in both new kit types, which now also include the new “Instant 10” Starter Mix, Optimized Post Harvest Mix, and Optimized Metals Solution.  We are proud of our new kits, check them out!

The harvest system will soon be available on its own.


From deep in the green,

Dr. Baum

New Kits On Their Way!


In response to all of your requests we have created a simple, easy-to-use, inexpensive harvesting system to ease your obtaining fresh Spirulina from your tanks!

In addition to the new harvest system, our new kits will have all of our improved and optimized nutrient mixes and metals solutions for faster and safer growth…

These should be available in about a week, stay tuned.


From the heart of the chloroplast,

Dr. Baum

Previews of Upcoming Book!

Hello fellow algae-nauts!

I have been working hard on my new book, The Algae Farmer’s Companion. The idea of it is to distill as much of the scientific research, and my personal experience and knowledge, into a compact, straightforward guide in plain language, covering all the main areas of interest to algae farmers.

This is basically the book I wish I had had when I started working with algae.

I thought I’d share some samples with you, so you can get an idea of what I’m up to… The book will be released as a series of mini-books, then as a single unified volume. These samples are from the “Making Algal Growth Media” mini-book, which will be released soon.


From deep in the chlorophyll,
Dr. Baum


Announcing “Instant 10” Starter Mix!

More great news for your Spirulina cultures:

No more waiting for your culture to rise to the safe(er) pH of 10!

We have listened to your feedback and re-formulated our Starter Mix for both faster growth and resistance to contamination. Our “classic” mix took 4-6 weeks to rise to a pH of 10; by reaching this higher pH immediately, this new mix excludes possible invasive organisms from the beginning.

But there’s more: this new Starter Mix also contains nutrients beyond those in the “classic” mix, which have been shown in our labs to increase growth significantly.

Give it a try, we are certain you’ll enjoy the advantages of our new mix!

Going green,
Dr. Baum

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